Thoughts of the soul.

I am not a religious person. I believe in the spirit. Whether human or animal.

How many ways can a heart be split? Are there an infinite number of people who can have your love and affection? Maybe this is a constant race, trying to keep up with love. I feel true love should be effortless. Like breathing, sometimes breathing is difficult, the more you take on the harder it can be to catch your breath. I would never give up breathing. I would die.
Without love my heart would die, the ache would kill me and leave my soul alone and empty. Isn’t the soul the most important part of any person?

I believe animals have souls as well. I can see in their eyes the pure love. Love that is not so thought out, planned, or forced. It is there or it is not. The most relatable example of this would probably be in a dog, I hear about the majesty of an elephants soul as well. These animals don’t assume we are any different then them. They don’t do things in awareness of their soul.
Think of love when you look into an animals eyes and feel the energy between the two of you. We are both so different but it’s our souls that connect us.


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