Sunday night is GIRLS night.

On Sundays my ” best girlfriend” and I have made a tradition these last three weeks. We get together and watch our favorite show, GIRLS, on HBO and eat what we call yumms. To others yumms are called muddy buddies or puppy chow. We make this delicious treat and sit on the couch cuddling and for a while it feels like old times. It feels like before her accident and before she couldn’t swallow. It feels like before her yumms were just being chewed and spit into her “spit cup”. Her spit cup which she cannot go anywhere without is actually my big mug from the maternity ward when I delivered my son.

I feel sad tonight as she’s very bluntly, like everything she says, told me she won’t watch GIRLS. This season is not what she expected and it is so different from the other seasons, which she watches over and over again. I myself like the new season, I enjoy the darkness of it and that they are building upon what the characters are going through. I wish she would keep watching with me… I like this little tradition we’ve built.

She just likes being with me. I will enjoy the same and maybe I’ll introduce her to Seinfeld…


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