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I cannot find a home without you
I don’t have time to cry or the energy to cope
I find things rough right now
Hard to hold onto reality
Sick of eyes I don’t want to see what’s happening
I wait for peace and I dig through my mind
Digging and digging in my mind


Battle inside.

Like storms shocking my mind and blackening my core
Freedom fights for me so feel free
Freedom fights for my life
I’m my own battle
no matter what I say I’m fighting myself


Lyrics. Song in progress.

I wish I was comfortable in my own skin

I wish I could do it all over again.

Come here lovely stand next to me we have got a place to be.

Stand up straight got mad style haven’t felt this way in quite a while.

Our bodies pulse with the beat of the night.


Sometimes I cry just to see if I still can.

Sometimes I cry just to see if I still can. I try and imagine the world without him. I cannot see but I can breath. It feels like everything in my reach is a tease. Filled with dos and don’ts.


Beauty in the eyes of a blocked mind.

Beauty in the eyes of a blocked mind
Stuck in a twisted thought
Mind taking over your body it’s hard to watch

I wanna break you free
I wanna feel you love
I wanna hold your hand

I wish you could understand

Your worth it
Fight for this life
Your strength is not gone
When it dwindles I will give you some of mine
I will transfer my strength to you

Breathe deep my love