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I cannot find a home without you
I don’t have time to cry or the energy to cope
I find things rough right now
Hard to hold onto reality
Sick of eyes I don’t want to see what’s happening
I wait for peace and I dig through my mind
Digging and digging in my mind


Am I?

Am I the girl in the corner
Or the girl up front
Do you see me
Or do you just feel my touch

Sometimes I am hit with this feeling that people only want to be with me for what I can give. I don’t have money but I am an extremely caring and loving person. I give so much of myself to others. Little things I’ve done to try and find myself have led to others finding themselves. I get excited and happy for them then I am left to do it all over again. I am sick of feeling like I was put on this earth for everyone but myself. Only I can change this…